May 21, 2020

May 2020: Leaves, a French Chemist and Organizing: A Newsletter

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What a Blast!

Organizing, organizing, organizing

Not every day, but most days I have been organizing my business and cataloging my art work. Although this isn't super exciting (or fun, really) it has been immensely satisfying to stop for a minute and enter just about every art work I have ever created into a cloud-based website called ArtWork Archive. I certainly COULD have made this happen without the slowdown/closure, but the data entry involved is soooo extensive (titles, sizes, prices, categories), that I am not sure I would have made time. I am exceptionally thrilled and grateful for the pause to allow this to happen!

If you'd like to see the website where I cataloged my work, my ArtWork Archive public profile is:


What is New?

Hiking! YEAH!

I have rediscovered my love for hiking over the past month. Being outside, exercising and looking at nature is a delightful trifecta. Below is one trail in north Clark County that varies from forest to farmland. The hike provides great contrast, plus, I get to look at the variety of FOLIAGE and LEAF shapes!


Did you Know?

Complementary Colors & Tapestries

Michel-Eugene Chrevreul (a French chemist, 1786-1889), is noted for observing how colors affect each other, when they're next to each other. Chevreul was appointed the director of dyes for a famous tapestry factory in Paris called the Gobelins Tapestry Factory in 1824.

Using colored threads, he noticed that adjacent (side-by-side) colors affect each other. He particularly noticed that colors across from each other on the color wheel (like ORANGE and BLUE), when placed next to each other ENHANCE each other. (This really happens within the eye, which makes the colors appear to pop. See the line on color wheel below...these are complementary colors.)

As a result, he made colors/colored threads look more pleasing together within a tapestry. (Tapestries were a huge industry from the 17th - 19th centuries.)

Chevreul wrote a book called The Law of Simultaneous Contrast of Colors in 1854. Thanks to his work, we now know that one color can affect other nearby colors, which is simply called Color Interaction.



Beautify Your Home

I am now offering my art on home goods through SHOP VIDA! Let swirling pattern and color enliven your home with my SWIM PUFF (SWOOP) round coaster set!

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That is all from here! Thank you for reading my latest art inspiration newsletter!

Be well, and have a wonderful day full of joy and love,


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I'm Cynthia Mosser, a visual artist who creates abstract, colorful and biological paintings inspired by my connection to nature. My goal is for the viewer to experience a joy, whimsy and a feeling of ecstasy. Here is a quick drawing or doodle from my sketchbook.

April 30, 2020

I have been enjoying creating doodles during the pandemic slowdown. Here is one example, which is all about LOVE. 💓💓💓

You can view and even purchase a print of the series at

Sending love to you during this time.

With love, Cynthia

April 14, 2020


Doodling for Inner Abundance

Accessing the light

My view on this slowdown/virus my not be the most popular (because I am enjoying every single day of it.) My enjoyment doesn't come from a place of fear -- it comes from a place of abundance and riches...right where I am. I believe this is a time to look within, and see what is possible. This is a great time to find one's light.

Right before the slowdown in mid-March, I realized I was running non-stop. I am happy to finally take a breather and rest. I have been doodling as a result. Above is one example!

Would you like to participate in sharing your doodles or drawings? I have a Facebook Page where you can display your creations! It's called DOODLING FOR CREATIVITY. CLICK HERE to join!


What is New

Let the Art Licensing Begin!

YEAH! I have two new art licensing updates:
You can now BUY my HOME GOODS on SHOP VIDA.
Not only do I have pillows, but also coasters, tea towels and glass trays.

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Here is one example:

My second art licensing update is ICANVAS.COM.
You can now purchase AFFORDABLE CANVAS PRINTS from a selection of my art at
The link to my store

I'll certainly keep you posted on any new licensing deals!

Did you Know?

About the color Purple & Violet

Purple and violet have a long history and have associations with artistocracy.

Let's first differentiate purple from violet. Purple appears more red, whereas violet appears more blue-ish.


Both the colors of purple and violet has associations with royalty. This is no accident, as emperors of Rome wore purple togas, and as did Byzantine emperors. During the Middle Ages, violet was worn by bishops.

Did you know the dyes worn during the above times came from mollusks (sea shells)?  These dyes were rare and expensive, as their dyes came from the mollusk's mucus, and it took a lot of work to harvest this dye.

Once the pigment came into contact with oxygen, it turned its beautiful color. Tyrian purple – a more reddish purple, comes from the mollusk (bolinus brandarus), whereas the hexaplex trunculus mollusk produces a more indigo (blue violet).


Free Facebook Banners

My gift to you

Many individuals have asked to use my designs in their Facebook banner or cover. For the first time I am offering THREE FREE designs.

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February 18, 2020

Feb 2020 Newsletter: What I Learned in NYC!

What I Learned in NYC!

My Trip to Gain More Art Exposure

Early this month I took two trips, one for business and one for pleasure. I'll start with the New York City trip.

For a long time, I have been interested in licensing my work. I researched online the best licensing expos, and found SURTEX a few years ago. As a result, I finally attended the SURTEX licensing expo (at the Javits Center) in NYC (Feb 2-5, 2020) to see what this licensing thing is all about. I learned that licensing is not a sprint, but a marathon, as I have a lot to learn about licensing itself, contracts, how to set up a good-looking booth, and how to create surface design patterns (and if I would like to even attempt surface design).

(A general image of the Surtex Fair)

There were artists, surface designers and licensing companies from all over the world with a huge variety of styles. I was very aware of the idea that this was a fact-finding mission. The exhibitors were there to sell, so my talking to them was carefully limited, and I kept my conversations short and sweet. What I did realize, is that my work, which incorporates pattern and color, could work beautifully in this setting.

One artist/surface designer, Shannon McNab, was very helpful, and is what one would call the artist liason for SURTEX. She teaches a class about surface design, as well as about SURTEX itself on SkillShare. I even sat in on one of her discussions of licensing. If you would like to learn more about licencing, she can be found on SkillShare.

The result of my trip was fantastic, as I was able to connect with two licensing companies, and met so many delightful artists who were very kind and cheerful. I'll keep you posted on how this goes!

(My former Art Institute of Portland colleague, James Anderson, took my image of NYC and rendered it in outline. He said he loved the two-point perspective. I was thrilled this image inspired him!)

My Second Trip: Irvine, CA

Succulent Central!

I feel lucky to have been able to take a week off to travel to NYC and Irvine, CA. On this California trip, I visited my good friends who live near the University of Irvine. What I love about visiting my friends is how much we do, and how much we see.

The trip consisted of my loving their succulent garden, and then visiting a succulent nursery.

Succulents are one of my FAVORITE species of plants due to their color, shape and variety. Seeing them thrive in this environment is so exciting!!!!!

Heather Robinson & Superfine Art Fair

A day-trip to LA

My friends and I also visited an art fair in LA called SUPERFINE. Here, my San Francisco-based artist/friend, Heather Robinson, was exhibiting her work, so I got to meet her in person, and view her work up close!!!

New Colored Pencil Work

Egg Aura 4

Just this past month I finished this colored pencil piece:
Egg Aura 4
Colored Pencil on Museum Board
12 x 9 in

I hadn't worked in colored pencil for a while, and was surprised to rediscover how long it takes to layer and blend. The blending is very much like blending colors with paint. The reason i started reusing this medium is I had a strong urge play with a drawing medium. And If you're wondering why often incorporate eggs into my work, it's because I love the shape, and then I love what they represent: potential!

If you would  like to purchase a print of this work (the original sold), you can choose your size directly from my website!

A 10 x 13 print costs only $55, and makes a great birthday or Easter gift!

That is all from here! Thank you for reading my latest traveling and art inspiration newsletter!

Have a wonderful day full of joy and love,


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