November 27, 2009

BAGGAGE PILLIAR - Sacramento, CA Airport

Constructed of over 700 pieces of refurbished luggage of all shapes and sizes, this 23-foot tall pillar sculpture titled SAMSON, 1998, was created by artist BRIAN GOGGIN. It is one of two luggage pillars supporting the airport’s roof, and if they were rolled away, the roof might come cave in! The sculpture was commissioned by the Sacramento Arts Commission.

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November 23, 2009

Euro COFFEE Equivalent

I finally discovered the perfect STARBUCK'S concoction to replicate the density of cafe coffee in Europe: a triple short Americano.

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November 22, 2009


For anyone wondering what I would like for Christmas, this is it! (I thought I would save you hours of guesswork!)

These pencils come as a monthly 25-piece set and are sent from Japan over a 20-month period. Made in China (sent from Japan), these high-quality HB pencils have been created for the European market. They also come with a mounting kit. What a great functional interior design element!

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November 8, 2009

Fiestaware FLATWARE - Masquerade

Using this FIESTAWARE flatware would make eating dinner all the more entertaining.

I checked them out in person, and love the colored enamel. Their weighty appearance even seems substantial, and they aren't oversized like some flatware I see nowadays.

UPDATE: As of September 2010, they are still available at Macy's. Yippee!

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Fair Isle Sweater CLOCK - Anthropologie

A random, yet carefully-crafted Fair Isle SWEATER CLOCK from Anthropologie (a feminine paradise [store]) coddles time in cozy warmth.

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November 1, 2009

CONVERSATION - Christi Belcourt

Canadian artist Christi Belcourt created this dotted floral pattern painting on a black background symbolizing nineteenth-century M├ętis beadwork. From her Lessons from the Earth exhibition (2003) the central flower symbolizes her mentor, a woman who was a great connector.

As a fan of anything floral and decorative, this intricate piece is right down my alley: color, pattern, folk art-oriented and whimsy.

The Conversation, 2003
Acrylic on Canvas
52" x 52"

PATRICK BLANC's Vertical Gardens

How incredible are Patrick Blanc's vertical wall gardens?! I love the incorporation of nature into urban environments to create texture and color. The first image comes from the Caixa in Madrid Spain, the second from the Athenaeum in London, UK.
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