July 29, 2009


I would like to give a medal to the person responsible for knitting this.

This image comes via an art car parade in Houston, Texas.

Image source: knithacker.com

July 24, 2009

Li XIAOFENG porcelain dress

Made from porcelain ware, Li Xiaofeng creates gorgeous dress and suit forms with a fragmented patchwork of shards.

Image source: oddee.com

July 18, 2009


I adore Zeloot's illustration from Elizabeth Kolbert's book review. (New Yorker, July 20th 2009)

What a great use of distortion, color and shape to compose a compelling image.

In the NY'er article, Kolbert lays out various authors' insights as to why Americans - and ever more so - global citizens are and are becoming so fat.

Image source: New Yorker Magazine

The AUGEN is 30!

The AUGEN GALLERY in Portland, Oregon is 30 years old!

Congratulations to owners Bob & Phyllis Kochs for a successful long-term art gallery business within the national and Portland art scene.

Image source: augengallery.com

July 1, 2009


Beargrass flowers Xerophyllum tenax (syn. Helonias tenax) are a gorgeous sight!! I recently saw them driving over Oregon's Santiam Pass.

They are a grass-like perennial - related to lilies - and found mostly in Western subalpine meadows.

Image source: gallery.photo.net