January 31, 2010


A MAC make-up artist and a die-hard fan collaborated to mimic a LICHTENSTEIN comic girl for Halloween.

Love the hair!

Image source: illusion.scene360.com

January 17, 2010

Jason POLAN - Drawings

Artist Jason POLAN wants to draw every person in New York City. He's drawn over 8,000 so far.

I admire his commitment to line and observation, especially since (for me) drawing in public feels like a risk.

Image source: jasonpolan.com

January 16, 2010

A nicely designed logo for the Color Marketing Group's spring 2010 conference.

Image source: colormarketing.org

VICTORIA HAVEN - wall sculpture

Victoria Haven's work is currently on view (Jan. 12 - Feb. 6th, 2010) at Clark College's Archer Gallery (Vancouver, WA) in a group show titled VANTAGE.

As I was looking at the exhibition, this powder-coated steel wall sculpture - which started as a sketch - struck me for its strength of line, geometry and her intentional use of light to create shadows that reflect off the structure. Additionally, the piece sits in relief making it both 2-D and 3-D.

Although most of Ms. Haven's work leaves me a bit chilly, this piece combines dimensions, contour and value which rewards and engages the viewer.

Double or Nothing (white), 2008
Cut steel powder-coated white
27" x 25" x 1.75"

Image source: vichaven.com

January 1, 2010

HOT Color!

I saw this color on a NIKE women's velour top. Love it. I predict I'll be seeing it more this spring.

UPDATE: Saw it at TARGET too. BTW: this is a TEMPERATE color: both warm and cool depending upon what you place next to it.