April 1, 2009

Jacques KNIZDOVSKY - print maker

Jacques KNIZDOVSKY is a Ukranian print maker (1915- 1985) whom I discovered in a recent print making class lead by Barbara Mason.

What I love about his images are their strong graphic qualities and attention to line. The image can either be like a punch in the face or a delicate caress.

Jacques Hnizdovsky. Cactus. Woodcut, 1970. Edition: 98/150. Signed in pencil. Reference: Tahir 93. 16-1/4 x 15 inches. [28103c]

Jacques Hnizdovsky. Bouquet. Woodcut, 1964. Edition: 138/150. Signed in pencil. Reference: Tahir 41. 15 x 18 inches. [28141c]

Image sources: Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA


Anonymous said...

Every Ukrainian family in North American has at least one of this prints hanging in their house. (Most have closer to a dozen)He was *extremely* prolific and a darned good salesman. A number of things are still available from his widow, and various Ukrainian community institutions still have shows and sales, so you can pick up one of your very own if you'd like!

Cynthia Mosser said...

What a great comment. Thanks for the information!