December 10, 2010

Spread EGO - TJ Norris - GLITTER Painting

TJ Norris, 2010 | 24in x 24 in | glitter on panel

My first ever GLITTER PAINTING.  Abstracted and monochromatic, TJ NORRIS' exhibition called SPREAD EGO inspired my decision to give this medium a try!

One would think someone who involves at least 30 artists to create an image of him for a show about himself would have an enormous ego (which we all do, really).  The point, however, is his discomfort with how he looks.  "An acquired taste, " he says of his appearance.

Participating ARTISTS making portraits of TJ:
Katherine Ace, Rachael Allen, Paul Aponte, Chris Bennett, Jason Berlin, Becca Bernstein, Horia Bobia, G Lewis Clevenger, Palma Corral, Matthew Cosby, Laurie Danial, Nancy Dasenbrock, Sarah Gottesdiener, Matthew Haggett, Ian Henderson, Hector Hernandez, Bobby Jones, Edward Juan, Ann Kendellen, Andrew Klaus, Gabriel Liston, Rae Mahaffey, Brent Marr, Cynthia Mosser, Noah Nakell, Mark Randall, Megan Scheminske, Abi Spring, Sushuma, Darrell Williamson, Carol Yarrow.

My piece is already incorporated into the show. Artists continue to contribute portraits during the show's run through January 2011.

NOTE: Joshua Berger and Dustin Zemel have installations (not related to Spread Ego) at Place as well.
Opening: SATURDAY, December 18th
Closing: through January 31st, 2011
Hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 6 PM
Place (located on the 3rd floor)
Pioneer Place Mall
700 SW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

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