August 21, 2011

Nouvelle Vague - Romy SCHNEIDER by Henri-Georges CLOUZOT

This cinematic gem is an excerpt from L"Enfer, a film shot in the early sixties by director Henri-Georges Clouzot.

The film's subject, Odette (26 year-old Romy Schneider) is the target of her husband's extreme jealousy. Although the film was never finished, it was presented in 2009 as a full-length semi-documentary by Serge Bromberg.

Partly shot in in black-and-white, partly in color, the director and cinematographer break from tradition in their filming techniques (hence part of the Nouvelle Vague movement in France).

I love the experimental use of chiaroscuro and the ever changing color toward the second half of the clip.

UPDATE and NOTE: The musical artist Beyonce uses this clip as a direct source of inspiration for her video 1 +1 .

  Romy Schneider dans l'Enfer
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