July 15, 2020

July 2020 Newsletter from Cynthia Mosser

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These are just that...


These three blue drawings stem from my walks in the woods. Thanks to the gyms being closed, I have been treated myself to weekly hikes. What struck me initially, after my first or second hike, is the LUSH forest floor greenery: Ferns, clover, moss. Instead being harsh or spiny, they are soft, feminine, and delicate. This tenderness is absolutely appeals to me.

Looking at beautiful things -- hikes are included in this idea -- is very important. Gorgeous leaf and floral shapes somehow emblazon themselves in my mind and manifest themselves in drawing form. I am an absolute believer in what you look at affects you, which is why I surround myself with aesthetically pleasing objects in my environment. Marie Condo really IS onto something...

If you'd like to see more illustrations, visit: www.cynthiamosser.com/illustrations

What is New?

Even More Hiking...


Being outside, exercising and looking at nature is a delightful trifecta.
Both photos are from the Firelane 7/Springville Loop hike. Here's a link: https://www.oregonhikers.org/field_guide/Firelane_7-Springville_Road_Loop_Hike

Did you Know?

Graphite Drawing Pencils

Natural GRAPHITE is a crystalline form of carbon, has a hexagonal structure, and is used in pencils, lubricants and electronic products. We have German mineralogist, Abraham Gottlob Werner, to thank for the name, given in 1789. The word comes from graphein, meaning to write or draw in Ancient Greek.
Modern pencils use a mix of powdered graphite and clay. This combination was invented in 1795. Plumbago is another term for natural graphite used for drawing, and is usually a piece of the mineral without a wood exterior.
Many drawing pencils have a designation "B" (blackness) or "H" (hardness). So if you pencils says "6B", it will leave more graphite on the paper, and look darker. The higher number next to "H", say "7H", the line will look lighter, since there is less graphite in the mixture.

Image sources:
1. wikipedia
2. Umberto from Unsplash
3. Vitruvian art studio


Fun Face Masks

Beautify Yourself

I am now offering my customized face masks on Red Bubble! Let abstract plant life and color enliven the world with my FRATENRAL FOLIAGE (FANCY) fabric mask.

Link to my store: tiny.cc/red_bubble
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My third art licensing collaboration is with a San Francisco company called imageconscious.com
You can see the images they licensed from me HERE.


Let me know how you are. I would love to know and hear about what is going on. 

Be well, and have a wonderful day full of joy and love,


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