February 7, 2008

Lauren Clay at Tilt Gallery

These two images are pieces by Brooklyn-based sculptor Laura Clay. I spoke with her briefly and viewed her exhibit at Tilt Gallery in Portland, Oregon (www.tiltpdx.com).

Left: "There is a Place for You, In my Heart of Hearts"
85" x 96" x 45", acrylic on cut paper, wall painting, flocking, light

Right: "Seized by the Power of a Great Affection"
acrylic on cut paper, plexi-glass, fabric, mixed media
40" x 85" x 80"

It is not often I meet an artist whose work I like and admire SO much! Her pastel color palette, assemblages, and shapes - both geometric and biomorphic - are simply sublime and uniquely interesting. At times the rounded strips of painted paper applied to the wall appear to be feather/wing/birdlike.

I would like to purchase a piece.

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