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House Colors

My house is now painted in tate olive and muted gold and red fox. The circle sizes related to the main color, trim and front door. Oddly enough, the green color makes my lawn even more vibrant! I used Miller Paint, and really liked the texture, density and finish.

Faux Food

I find it difficult to choose between the oven-roasted turkey or the grilled chicken to add to my imposter food collection. Image source: incredible inedibles

Pastrami Sandwich

Kenny & Zuke's pastrami sandwich looks like a delicious layered mess, and I can't wait to try one in their downtown Portland, OR location. I stumbled upon this succulent photo by pearlgirl at Neighborhood Notes - a Pearl District blog. Image source: Neighborhood Notes

Sublimely Fake - Moss Ball

Macy's displays these moss balls in its crystal department. I love the combination of the natural and the artificial! Image source: