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May 2020: Leaves, a French Chemist and Organizing: A Newsletter

View this email in your browser What a Blast! Organizing, organizing, organizing   Not every day, but most days I have been organizing my business and cataloging my art work. Although this isn't super exciting (or fun, really) it has been immensely satisfying to stop for a minute and enter just about every art work I have ever created into a cloud-based website called ArtWork Archive. I certainly COULD have made this happen without the slowdown/closure, but the data entry involved is soooo extensive (titles, sizes, prices, categories), that I am not sure I would have made time. I am exceptionally thrilled and grateful for the pause to allow this to happen! If you'd like to see the website where I cataloged my work, my ArtWork Archive public profile is:   What is New? Hiking! YEAH! I have rediscovered my love for hiking over the past month. Being outside, exercising and looking at nature i
I'm Cynthia Mosser, a visual artist who creates abstract, colorful and biological paintings inspired by my connection to nature. My goal is for the viewer to experience a joy, whimsy and a feeling of ecstasy. Here is a quick drawing or doodle from my sketchbook.