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RYAN PIERCE at Archer Gallery - January 2012

Bonnie Fortune (Denmark), Julia Oldham (Portland, OR), and Ryan Pierce (Portland, OR) have been included in a group exhibition called LUPIFICATION OR THE DIVIDE at the ARCHER GALLERY in Vancouver, WA through Feb. 4th, 2012. The show's title refers to how humans have learned "community and cooperation" via wolves. The show visually highlights the human struggle and involvement within nature. Ryan Pierce's work takes on a nihilistic view of nature. His lush, yet sparse paintings of nature surviving within a destroyed person-less world appear pessimistic and dire. Despite this, his supposedly dead wolf painting appears hopeful and charming - a delightful respite from his other paintings included within the show. I dare say he painted this piece the other way around, but found this orientation more to his liking. I can't resist the urge to scratch Mr. Dog's tummy.

FEATURED ARTIST - Ampersand Art Panels

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