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Cynthia Mosser Shows Art at Caffe Mingo in Portland, OR | May 5 - August 31st, 2021

If you're in the NW 21st area of Portland, Oregon, stop by the infamous Italian restaurant, Caffe Mingo, to check out my art. I am showing 10 pieces, and I even give private tours! Bring a friend! Email me at: The work is up until August 31st, 2021 DETAILS: LOCATION: Caffe Mingo ADDRESS: 811 NW 21st Avenue | Portland, OR 97209 DAYS/TIMES: Wed - Sun | 4 - 10pm WEBSITE: CYNTHIA WEBSITE:

Flower & Childhood Memory

When I was seven, my friends and I thought it would be a great idea to jump off of a second floor balcony into the bushes below. I saw them jump and bounce right off, but when I tried it, it was more like a thud. I broke my lower leg bone, and my Dad had to take me to the emergency room. My parents had to also postpone their trip to Tahiti, but in the end, my leg healed and they went on their trip. Love, Cynthia ❤️ More illustrations abound at  

Sundae Painting & the Rose Fesival in Portland

When I was seven, my neighbors (the husband was a Royal Rosarian) took me and my brother to a Rose Festival event where Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor was creating the largest sundae ever. (Farrell's was trying to get into the Guiness Book of World Records.) The massive creation had five-gallon vanilla ice cream cylinders stacked upon each other, much like my gouache painting below. This painting below is titled "Sundae.". Love, Cynthia ❤️ Pick up this print from my website at: #cynthiamosser #artist #sundae #gouache #painting #color #icecream  

Amoeba Mashup Drawing

I present to you an amazing amoeba mashup. This is a beautiful grouping of distinct biomorphic (abstract round) shapes that have no meaning This drawing is an exercise in fun, joy and intimate solitude. Have a fantastic day, Cynthia ❤️ Did you know I am an amazing, brilliant, charming artist that hardly anyone knows about? My website is: #cynthiamosser   #amoebas   #drawing   #illustrations   #joy   #fun   #art   #design   #artist   #artwork   #illustration   #creative   #artists   #contemporaryart   #graphicdesi gn  

Cynthia Mosser Art Show at Caffe Mingo in Portland, Oregon

Artist Cynthia Mosser at Caffe Mingo in Portland, OR May 7 – Aug 31 I am showing my work at Caffe Mingo in Portland, OR from May 5 - August 31st, 2021 Days/hours are Wednesdays - Sundays from 4pm - 10pm Currently indoor and outdoor dining. Address: 811 NW 21st Avenue Portland OR 97209 (between NW Johnson & Kearney) If you would like a personal tour, email me at: Click here for more details