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July 2020 Newsletter from Cynthia Mosser

View this email in your browser BLUE & SKETCHY These are just that...         These three blue drawings stem from my walks in the woods. Thanks to the gyms being closed, I have been treated myself to weekly hikes. What struck me initially, after my first or second hike, is the LUSH forest floor greenery: Ferns, clover, moss. Instead being harsh or spiny, they are soft, feminine, and delicate. This tenderness is absolutely appeals to me. Looking at beautiful things -- hikes are included in this idea -- is very important. Gorgeous leaf and floral shapes somehow emblazon themselves in my mind and manifest themselves in drawing form. I am an absolute believer in what you look at affects you, which is why I surround myself with aesthetically pleasing objects in my environment. Marie Condo really IS onto something... If you'd like to see more illustrations, visit:     What is New? Even More Hiking...    Being outsi