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Fun Meter Button

As goofy as this button is, this the way I live my life. The intention is for MAX FUN, so my art reflects my experiences. View some fun art at: Image inspiration: Carmen Farmer

What is Gouache Paint?

What is Gouache Paint? Many would like to know... I use water-based gouache paint exclusively in many of my paintings , and love the density and color. So what exactly is gouache paint?  Pronounced /gw'osh/, the word's origin comes from the Italian word "gouazzo", which means dampness or puddle or mud. It was originally used in fresco paintings during the Renaissance . It is a matte, opaque medium with gum arabic added for flow. (Gum arabic is a natural gum from the acacia tree.) The matte factor comes from the addition of chalk. If you look at New Yorker Magazine covers, often the illustrator uses gouache because it does not shine when reproduced. Compared to watercolor, gouache has a higher pigment load (quantity), which makes it richer in color. With watercolor one can see the "white" of the paper below; whereas with gouache one cannot. This allows an artist to work starting with dark paint at the bottom layer, then lighter colors/values at the