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My Favorites List - NEWSLETTER - January 2019

My Favorites List What I love... Over the year, I thought about the things that brought my senses joy, whether it is a book, a piece of art, a movie, a restaurant, or even chocolate! Here they are: 1) Favorite Art Piece of 2018 (see above)  This is the Place,  2018 colored pencil and graphite on paper. 10-5/8 x 14 inches by Hibiki Miyazaki. Augen Gallery. I love this piece for its utterly nostalgic feeling. 2)  Favorite books:  The Soul of Money  by Lynne Twist Pussy  by Regena Thomashauer Sacred Success  by Barbara Stanny 3) Favorite film:  Ibiza,  2018 on Netflix 4) Favorite series:  Hot Date  on Netflix (Canadian series) 5) Favorite restaurant: Smokin' Oak in Vancouver, WA (The corn dog is amazing! :)) 6) Favorite business and marketing coaches: Lisa Marie Platske of Design Your Destiny  Veronika Noize of the DIY Marketing Center 7) Favorite indulgent food: Red Lindt balls  8) Favorite quote: Fun is the secret to a gratified life. - Regena Thomashauer What are your favorite