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7 Degree WOOD GRAIN Titanium Band Ring

Titanium Wood Grain Band If I were a man, and I liked wood, and I were getting married, this the kind of band I would choose. Image source:

Candice Smith CORBY's Work

For years I have admired the domestically-focused, self-referential work of Boston-based artist Candice Smith Corby . Working with almost exclusively in water-based media (gouache, acrylic, watercolor), each piece incorporates furniture or interiors objects stacked on top of the artist, or stacked and near her self-portrait.  And since her art is executed mainly on paper, fabric or wall (and almost entire unframed), it gives the viewer close access to her intimate world. I appreciate her ability to whimsically document her domestic frustration. Brooding Mood , 2008 Screen print 22in x 30in

Happy Face by LUCKY Brand

  Simply enjoying the exultant nature of this Lucky Brand necklace...


I am adoring MISSONI Kew fabric , especially the black line variation and hue work in this cylindrical pouf. Image source:

Mailing List

Keeping an updated mailing list is no small task. I am currently making sure mine is current and that I utilize it more carefully. If you would like to be added to mine, CLICK HERE . Image source: