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FUZZY iPod Case

Envelop your iPod with THIS! Image source:

My Fashion COLLAGE

I found the patience to create this composition on . This is my fashion and lifestyle contribution created from a variety of provided imagery. Spring Wonderland - by ckmosser on

Spring COLOR!

I just discovered, which is all about creating a fashion "look". Although I don't have the patience to create such detailed and fabulous compositions, I am glad someone else did! I love the color here! Pinky Aurora on

Nice Quote

"Ask yourself what you would do even if you were never paid. That's a clue to what you should be doing and of course finding a way to be paid for it. You can attract more money from love." — Dr. Joe Vitale : Marketing and Copywriting author, one of the stars of The Secret

Eva Speer's SUBLIME work at Charles A. Hartman

Eva Speer's work at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art creates levity and grandeur using color, shape and deliciously poofy cloud formations. If one were to peer through a lens into the cosmos, this is an awesomely gorgeous representation of what one might see. See "Eden", 2009 (above) 18" x 18", oil on canvas Aside from the clouds and color, I love how she uses brightly colored elements like fireworks in "Stratagem". This directs us to the background using color as our guide. Compositionally, "Stratagem" is stronger than "Eden", but it is also much larger and uses gouache (a matte watercolor) instead of oil paint. Hartman did depart from the norm by showing a painter instead of a photographer in his gallery this month. The results, however, are well worth it! See "Stratagem", 2009 (below) 34" x 46", gouache on paper Eva Speer's work shows through March, 2009. 134 NW 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 (DeSot