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September is About Renewal

Hey, there! Below is my September newsletter. I would like to acknowledge that there are uncomfortable aspects going on in the world right now. My art is about remaining positive and focusing on abundance and the gold we find in the ashes. So here it is... SEPTEMBER IS RENEWAL Let's call it what it is...     So summer appears to be over (or is it?), and the kids have gone back to virtual school. When September 1st happens, I think to myself (even panic), "Oh God! It's September!" But what does this really mean? I believe it's a month where I have the opportunity to renew myself, or even to start over. Sure, spring is generally associated with renewal, but let's get real, we all know September is the time where we feel like we have to get our act together. So what is my act?  Here is my act that actually MOVES THE NEEDLE: 1. Call interior designers of new construction 2. Contact healthcare interior designers 3. Contact licensing companies Guess what? I have to