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Star Rainbow Series

Sometimes when your design works, you just run with it and make a bunch more. In this case, my RAINBOW STAR series is showing up as a carefully arranged trio. Currently there are four in the series. ❤️ Buy these as a set at:

SOLD! "Sprout," 2008

SOLD! To a fantastic collector in Tigard, Oregon. "Sprout," 2008 India ink pen, acrylic paint, encaustic medium, oil paint 11 x 16 in View more original, joyful paintings at:

Star Rainbow Drawing

This blue pen drawing is the third in a series of what I've titled "Star Rainbows". In starting a series like this, sometimes I feel done right away. I can feel, however, I have more to do...more to make. Love, Cynthia ❤️ See additional illustrations at: