November 17, 2015


There is something ultimately, decorative, feminine and complex about folk art. The shapes, stitch work, color, and overall feeling, whether it's a floral painted wall or lace from Alsace, France, reverberates with me.

Generally, there are no sharp edges. It is these rounded edges and motifs taken from natural elements that I like.

Additionally, there is a strong element of time. The time in which it takes to create a piece, is quite long. Which leads one to the idea that it was also a very interior type of work. This idea of decoration is familiar to my eyes. As if I recognize the shapes from another life.

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November 10, 2015


We can never know what to want, 
because, living only one life, 
we can neither compare it with our previous lives 
nor perfect it in our lives to come… 
We live everything as it comes, without warning.

-Milan Kundera, Czech/French writer 
from The Unbearable Lightness of Being

As an artist, I do believe we know what 
we want, it is the living of it for which
we are unprepared. We just have to figure it out.
That is the beauty of life.