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Cynthia Mosser Open Studio & Sale as Part of Clark County Open Studios 2019

Sat/Sun November 2 & 3 is my STUDIO SALE as part of Clark County Open Studios! Not only will I have an open studio and sale, you can choose from a variety of other open studios in the Vancouver, WA region! Here is the link to find out more about my open studio: Here is the link to find out more about other studios: BRING A FRIEND!

Masterminding with Alyson B. Stanfield

The weekend of September 28-29, 2019 was spent with eleven other artists, and  artist coach,  Alyson Stanfield in Kirland, WA at the Heathman Hotel.  I absolutely love Alyson's approach to Masterminding to get plans, goals and ideas worked out, so one may move forward with ease. I highly recommend working with her! Image source: cynthiamosser