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Circular Forms in Blue

When I was a kid, my parents never feel I exercised enough. As an incentive, they made up their own jog-a-thon, and would pay me 25 cents every time I made a lap around our 1 acre yard. I did it, and don't remember how much money I made, but I never enjoyed it. Now I love exercising. Go figure. Love, Cynthia ❤️ Learn more about my art, and illustrations like these at:  

Plant Party Drawing!

It's a plant party! I hope yours are growing beautifully this spring/summer season. Love, Cynthia Peruse more illustrations at:  

Sea-like Forms

The ocean is hugely inspirational. I used to stay at a cabin at Depoe Bay, and it looked right over the water. I could even see whales blowing from the window. Although I could never experience what was under water, I felt it. Hence my sea-like forms. Love, Cynthia 💓 Learn more about my art at: