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JEN STARK - paper sculpture

I am not one who is easily impressed.  With that said I AM COMPLETELY IMPRESSED! with Jen Stark's paper sculptures. The color, the layering, the craft, the 2-D vs. 3-D are all there. Her paper works are complex, as are her drawings, which reveals someone with an intricate mind. Now, if only I could be a fly on the wall as she creates these sculptural paper pieces, I would be able to sort out her process of cutting/layering. Image source: comtemporarylinks

Stephanie KUBO, artist and designer

California artist and designer, Stephanie Kubo, creates beautifully repetitive designs in her sketchbook, as well as in prints and drawings. The pattern use and its overlapping is reminiscent of Japanese art/design. Check out her website and see more of what she can do: Image source: