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COLORFUL and Macabre Paintings

Never before have I seen a juxtaposition of COLOR and dark imagery combined into one. The hues and technical elements are deft and daft; the imagery decidedly hilarious. Image source:

Caves of LASCAUX - A Comprehensive Virtual Tour

Discovered in 1940, the cave paintings of Lascaux continue to amaze viewers, including myself.  Somehow I feel an emotional attachment to the work. The Lascaux website has a virtual tour, as though one is walking through the caves. Additionally they include information on materials, its discovery and information on preservation. Image source: lascaux


Peter Gentenaar is a Dutch artist who creates paper sculptures using a process he developed himself. He uses wet paper and bamboo filaments to create three-dimensional works, which start as two-dimensional. As the paper shrinks over filaments of bamboo, it forms unique and complex compositions. I find the combination of sculpture, and the appearance of drawing, to be an intriguing visual experience. Street baroque 130 x 100 cm   Image source: peter gentenaar