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POP HAND, 2022

Pop Hand , 2022 Gouache on Museum Board 12 x 8.25 inches $725, unframed See more work like this at: Payment link: I love you. Cynthia 💗 #cynthiamosser #art #artist #gouachepainting #whimsy #colorfulart #vancouverwashington

BOOP, 2022 | Taking a STAND for YOU

I KNOW THIS: YOU deserve infectious, joyous life, and I am willing to take a stand for YOU in this endeavor through the experience of my paintings. Yes, a painting is a non-moving, inert object, but the reflection, energy, shapes and activity of looking at something colorful, beautiful and original is what I call life-giving. It is always there, and always with you. This piece is part of an exclusive series of seven gouache pieces and costs $725. You can view it here: Boop, 2022 Gouache (matte watercolor) on Museum Board (thick acid-free mat paper) 10 x 8 inches $725 Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, referrals, or would like to talk about commissions. Cynthia Mosser Fine Art

Paisley Daisley Painting

There are times when paintings can represent a period of time in one's life. For me, this represents the internal discombobulation of January to May of this year (2022). You see, my disabled brother became even more disabled, then got fixed (surgery), then recuperated, and then moved to a new foster care home. Why this matters is that I am the only family member who can advocate for him, so it felt like a real journey. Normally I never "struggle" with a painting, but this one I went over and over again, changing my mind, changing colors, changing shapes. It felt like the time in which I was concerned about my brother was manifesting itself with this piece. Now that I was able to help in getting him resettled into a stable living situation, I can breathe a bit easier. What did I learn from this familial situation? That I am lucky to be able to help my brother, that he teaches me how to ask for what I desire because he is so good at doing this himself, and that I too have