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Yayoi KUSAMA at the TATE

This SPRINGTIME CARNIVORE (indie band) video is a visual montage of one-second imagery from the 20th century. Each image stands on its own, making me want to still each frame for further inspection. Directed by Eddie O'Keefe.

Emerald is Pantone's Color of the Year 2013

PANTONE's Color of the Year 2013 is EMERALD. (Emerald 1756-41)   I know Pantone does color forecasting so designers and merchants can plan for the year, but logically shouldn't the color be chosen AFTER the year is over. Just sayin'. Image source:

Amateur Trumpet Trumps the Band

If you like sneaky fun and child-like behavior, this is the video for you! Source:

TOILET PAPER by Sakir Gokcebag

I am loving Sakir Gökcebag and his art installations incorporating toilet paper.   The Turkish-born, Hamburg-based artist's exhibition titled Trans-Layers, displays his manipulation of rolls into a variety of compositions. He even suspends some from the ceiling creating a surprisingly delightful use of new materials. Image source: lostateminor

COLORFUL and Macabre Paintings

Never before have I seen a juxtaposition of COLOR and dark imagery combined into one. The hues and technical elements are deft and daft; the imagery decidedly hilarious. Image source:

Caves of LASCAUX - A Comprehensive Virtual Tour

Discovered in 1940, the cave paintings of Lascaux continue to amaze viewers, including myself.  Somehow I feel an emotional attachment to the work. The Lascaux website has a virtual tour, as though one is walking through the caves. Additionally they include information on materials, its discovery and information on preservation. Image source: lascaux


Peter Gentenaar is a Dutch artist who creates paper sculptures using a process he developed himself. He uses wet paper and bamboo filaments to create three-dimensional works, which start as two-dimensional. As the paper shrinks over filaments of bamboo, it forms unique and complex compositions. I find the combination of sculpture, and the appearance of drawing, to be an intriguing visual experience. Street baroque 130 x 100 cm   Image source: peter gentenaar


Meet the Face-Kini, the latest craze to hit China's beaches as bathers wear masks to beat the sun's harmful rays. The anti-California, alien beach outfit! That's HOT! Image and text source:

Christopher MARLEY - Insect Mosaics

Chrisopher Marley organizes insects, beetles, butterflies and scarabs into strikingly beautiful variegated color formations. Each piece is an original, and he travels the world to find his specimens, which have been ethically and sustainably collected. Imagine the iridescence in person! Image source:

Crater Lake & Its BLUE

I visited CRATER LAKE this summer (2012), one of Oregon's only national parks. What I love about this lake its vastness (about 5 miles across in any direction), plus the water's BLUE COLOR.  The color comes from the selective absorption and reflection of wavelengths (the blue wavelength is reflected, which is what the human eye sees) . What I think is creepy are the steep slopes, the depth (1,949 ft.) and the lake's somewhat inaccessibility, (although you can hike to the water, [about one mile down which allows one access to a boat tour]). Below is an image of the lake's clarity.  Moss even grows at the bottom of the lake because light is able reach it even at such depths. Image source: and user upload

Alexis BITTAR Bangles

I realize I am about two seasons behind here, but I just cannot take my eyes off of the Alexis Bittar gold lucite bangle. Image source:

Woodland CAKE by Duff/Charm City Cakes

What a fantastic and  winsome combination of color and form in this forest-themed folk art-like cake. Image source: vincent.lupo for charmcitycakes

ON QUIET by Tim Kreider

MANY NON-ARTISTS THINK THAT IF ONE IS NOT CONSTANTLY BUSY OR PRODUCTIVE, THAT ONE IS LAZY OR NOT CREATING VALUE.  IN ORDER FOR AN ARTIST TO BE PRODUCTIVE, THEY MUST HAVE A LACK OF BUSY: "The space and quiet that idleness provides is a necessary condition for standing back from life and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration — it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done." Tim Kreider of from the article, "The 'Busy' Trap" in the NYTimes.


"Perfectionism is not about achievement and growth.  Perfectionism is the belief that if we live perfectly, look perfectly and act perfectly,  we can avoid the pain of blame, judgment and shame."   - Brene Brown Read more:

BLASPHEMY at its FINEST: Superhero Religious Icons

Yes, even religious icons have entered the realm of the superhero. I call this blasphemy at its finest thanks to Italian artist, Igor Scalisi Palminteri. (He purchased saints on the streets of Palermo and repainted them with bright acrylic paint or clothed them in superhero garb.) Could this survive NEA funding? Image source:

Damn, If this Ain't True...Euro Work Ethic

Why is it that we don’t have “down time” anymore? There used to be periods where we’d be running like hamsters on a wheel, and then periods of next-to-nothingness where we’d bond with the sofa, hog the TV remote and spend a whole day—or more—in our pajamas.  Now it’s hamster time all week long, and weekends, too. What gives? Seriously, let’s start a movement to bring a European work ethic to the States.  Let’s all close up shop for the summer—we’ll shutter our city homes and travel to the coast to take hikes, read books and bake pies. Then we’ll return in fall, refreshed, so we can buckle down and work work work through a dark winter. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s cyclical, it’s restorative, it makes for better mental and physical health. Yeah, it sounds good, but nobody will go for it. So it’s back to Plan A: Buy Lottery Tickets. NARRATIVE BY Kathi O'Neil : Founder and contributor to the weekly newsletter Portlandpick

TANGERINE Tango - 2012 Pantone

TANGERINE TANGO is Pantone's 2012 color of the year. I know color forecasting is a major industry, but when it comes to fashion, if you buy into this color, it'll look outdated next year. I suppose this is what retailers want. With that said, I still like the energy of the color. Image source: homebuildlife

JEN STARK - paper sculpture

I am not one who is easily impressed.  With that said I AM COMPLETELY IMPRESSED! with Jen Stark's paper sculptures. The color, the layering, the craft, the 2-D vs. 3-D are all there. Her paper works are complex, as are her drawings, which reveals someone with an intricate mind. Now, if only I could be a fly on the wall as she creates these sculptural paper pieces, I would be able to sort out her process of cutting/layering. Image source: comtemporarylinks

Stephanie KUBO, artist and designer

California artist and designer, Stephanie Kubo, creates beautifully repetitive designs in her sketchbook, as well as in prints and drawings. The pattern use and its overlapping is reminiscent of Japanese art/design. Check out her website and see more of what she can do: Image source:

CHRISTOPH NIEMANN's In-Flight Sketchbook

One laugh does not comprise the hilarity of Christoph Niemann's in-flight sketches as he flies to Berlin. Like every international flight I've taken, he sums up the experience succinctly (and perfectly). Image source: Red Eye -

MARGAUX LANGE: Barbie Doll Jewelry

A doll-lover from an early age, artist Margaux Lange repurposes Barbie doll parts into one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. I love her jewelry's unique qualities, whimsical compositions and use of design! The feeling these pieces evoke in my mind is "crazy cute"! Image: Smiley Neckpiece NE-08

Saguaro Cacti

Saguaro cacti near TUCSON, AZ (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum) . I can't get over how visually foreign these plants are (compared to those in the Pacific Northwest).

Ubiquitous Family Stickers (Vancouver, WA)

Someone's been busy.

Talavera Pottery

Add caption Mexican Talavera pottery (which I saw in Southern Arizona - Tubac, AZ), I realized how similar the motifs appear to that of European decorative folk art. Additionally the motifs appear much more loose in handling than that of say, Hungarian folk art. I discovered this brightly-colored ceramic-ware was brought to Mexico from Spain in the 1500's. Authentic Talavera pottery only comes from the City of Puebla and from nearby communities of Atlixco , Cholula , and Tecali . 1 1 Source Wikipedia  Image source 

Prickly Pear CACTI

Looking at various CACTI in the Arizona desert is like looking at the other side of the moon (compared to plants the Pacific Northwest). Rounded shapes like these are so attractive, you want to hug them, but attention! the spines are frighteningly painful. This is dangerously passive nature! Image source: tucson


I have been absolutely fascinated and addicted to It feels like I am working artistically via seeking out imagery for inspiration. In light of that, here is one of my boards. Simply click on the image.