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A Pilgrimage to See South Moravian Folk Art - 2022

Visiting South Moravia & Czech Folk Art Styles In the summer of 2005, my Czech friend and her husband (Ivana and Petr C.) took me to see a South Moravian village called Strážnice in the Czech Republic. (Little did I know what was in store.) As an artist who loves European folk art ornamentation and anything whimsical, seeing art painted on architecture seemed like a revelation. I had seen folk art on Swiss mountain villas before, but nothing like this dense, colorful, floral and almost unbridled design. It's safe to say I was in love. It wasn't until 17 years later, in the summer of 2022, that I could return to get a deeper sense of the varying Southern Moravian folk art styles that vary by village, and there are many villages to explore. Painting by Marie Holubíčková (from Strážnice, CZ) South Moravia (also known as Slovácko) (Image by the  Moravsk á Kr á sa  Foundation) The southeast corner of the Czech Republic (or Czechia) is called Moravian Slovácko. It's a cultura

Blue Drawing | Fraternal Foliage (grouping 2)

This is a drawing to keep your spirits lifted. This past week (July 24-31, 2022) in Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA, it was very emotional, as it was warm, very warm for 8  days straight.  It taught me to stay in the present and  appreciate what I have.  Additionally, it taught me to be cause in the matter of helping the environment. Sending love, Cynthia ❤️ "Fraternal Foliage (grouping 2)," 2022 Gel pen on acid-free paper 10 x 8 in $200 If you'd like to buy this piece, below is a payment link: