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ArtChat Northwest: SHARON BRONZAN

ArtChat Northwest: SHARON BRONZAN My second ArtChat Northwest interviewee is artist/painter, SHARON BRONZAN. Listen in, and hear her thoughts about the desert, trees, gouache paint, and superstition. (24:24min)  Sharon Bronzan is an artist/painter, and a longtime Oregon resident whose work evokes myth, folklore, and religious iconography. Her paintings often tell a story through the use of the portrait. Sharon received her MFA from the University of Oregon, taught for 27 years at Portland Community College in the Art Department (Sylvania campus), and is currently represented by the Augen Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

ArtChat Northwest: DAVID SCHELL

ArtChat Northwest: DAVID SCHELL I would like to introduce my first podcast called ArtChat Northwest. My first interviewee is artist/painter, DAVID SCHELL ( Listen in, and hear his influences, ideas, and thoughts about painting. (19:47min)

Seattle Art Fair 2017

The Seattle Art Fair this year was quite inspiring. My favorite pieces were: The necklace below by Jean-Michel Othoneil (Galerie Perrotin) The swirling wall sculpture by Linda Fleming (Robischon Gallery), and  Amy Ellingson's (Robischon Gallery) encaustic painting.