April 27, 2014

Zimoun WALL of SOUND Installation at Beall Center

Swiss artist, Zimoun, has created "Wall of Sound", an installation of cardboard boxes, small motors and ping pong-sized balls.

Located at the Beall Center for Art + Technology on the UC Irvine campus, this beating drum-like show is actually quite soothing, rather than jarring. Through May 3, 2014.

Image source: Jenny H.

April 7, 2014

Elsa MORA - Cuban Paper and Fabric Artist

Elsa MORA, a Cuban-raised artist, creates intricately stitched fabric assemblages, and intricately cut paper works that have a strong connection to folk art.

What I love about this piece is the combination of the figure with an illustrated head. Inside the oval it appears to be a window to the mind. And it is my mind to which it is a window!

NOTE: I have extensively searched the Internet for an image directly related to the source. I could come up with Elsa Mora and her blog only. http://www.artisaway.com/

Image source: artisaway.com