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SOFI Zezmer at Mike Weiss

Back in March (2010), Sofi Zezmer exhibited work at the Mike Weiss Gallery, which I then saw on What I love and appreciate about her work is her ability to create sculptures and installations which appear perfectly organic, but which are wholly plastic in material. It is rare an artist's work is so beautiful it has the ability to make me cry. Top Vice Versa LS1 , 2006 Metal, Glas, Plastic 56“ x 30“ x 29“ Bottom Green Piece LS 5, 2004 Metal, Plastic 23“ x 14“ x 12“ Image source:


Levi Van Veluw , a DUTCH artist, composes and photographs a variety of natural appearing environments on his head, which are executed all himself. This particular image comes from his 2008 series Landscapes, in which varies grasses, moss, trees and animals grace the sphere of his noggin. I wonder if he's ever had to sleep with this so he could finish it the next day. Image source:


Occasionally, the THINNEST of brushes doesn't seem THIN enough! I need my lines to appear perfect, and Princeton brushes are my favorites. 20/0 is my preferred size. Image source: brookenicole222