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Short Studio Tour - CYNTHIA MOSSER

Here is a quick tour of my art studio. 

Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable in regard to my art and life is something that feels new for me. When I say vulnerable, I mean allowing others to see who I truly am. I often hide behind a wardrobe of black. Don't smile always. In the art world, it isn't cool to be vulnerable (read: weak). Ultimately, I haven't shared who I truly am out of fear of shame. My new goal in life is to share myself. Share my fears, and let that be OK. Be authentic. So my new way of being is to allow others to see that my raison d'etre is all about PLAY and FUN. Play and fun are what fuels me and my art, and makes both better. Additionally, each week I am going to share something that makes me afraid. This week's topic is rejection. Rejection is what keeps me stuck and not moving forward in my business. It paralyzes me at times. It is as if I am controlling the outcome before I even try. So I am going to move through my fear and try, even if it is uncomfortable.