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Martin Amm Photography

Martin Amm's photographs of water-logged insects are divine. Image source:

Duralee Ad

I love this use of color! Image source:


Moufelt's designer shows at and Relish in Portland, Oregon. Her work is a simple use of felt to create spheres or layered ovals. Image source:

Ceramics by Leah Nobilette

I had the pleasure of showing my work with Leah Nobilette this past weekend at a Portland design store called Relish . I love her work thanks to its color, texture and shape. Image source: Relish

Concert Candy!

I RECENTLY SAW THIS CANDY WHILE WAITING IN A GROCERY STORE CHECKOUT LINE. Questions from an inquiring mind: -Is this candy meant to be taken to and eaten at a concert? I see HM products marketed everywhere, and they are pure genius. This product is a new and fascinating genre!