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SHALE GAS Image - Bloomberg Businessweek

Natural gas is the theme. Igniting our economy is the idea. Explosion is the image. A great graphic using radiation, and contrast of similar values to grab our attention. Image source:

Ben HEINE - Digital Circlism

Ben Heine is a multidisciplinary self-taught Belgian artist who creates among other things, portraits using circles of varying sizes and color. Completely excellent form and both dull and bright color. Image source:

BRIDAL Face Decoration

Nusja Jone-Our Bride from Kosovo 2.0 on Vimeo . BRIDES from the Trebesh community of Kosovo (about which there is mysteriously little information online) paint and decorate their faces on the day they get married. SUBLIME! (The music in the video, by the way, is "Nusja Jonë" by the Kosovo-Bosnian jazz group the Marimanga Trio.)

SEAQUENCE Music Program

Creating your own SOUND is easy with the SEAQUENCE experimental compositional program. Biological metaphors follow your chosen beats. Highly addictive! Image source:

ROSE SKINNER - Installations

Rose Skinner , an Australian installation artist, creates vibrantly hued visual cacophonies of amalgamated objects which creates a delightful, if not jarring visual experience. Her installation of I Wish I Were in Wonderland is an example of my childhood fantasy playroom on acid. Image source:


I can't get enough of RED LEAVES on trees. during the fall. It is as though I NEED to see this color as OFTEN as possible.  Must find solution! Image source: ashenalar @photobucket