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House of BLUES

Architecht Peter Kaschnig wanted to see the psychological effects of living surrounded by just one color. Located in Klagenfurt, Austria, the bathroom and bedroom also blue! If I were to live here, I would go crazy from the brightness (either that or I'd get used to it). What a great experiment. Image source: The Sun

Alessandra EXPOSITO - skulls

Alessandra Exposito's sculptural pieces of fictionally named horses, chickens and pets are creepily beautiful, and appear as a fetish-like objects. What I admire is the decorative quality of the porcelain antlers, the rhinestone additions and portraits of the "owners". Her most recent show appeared at Mixed Greens in NYC. Cinnamon , mixed media on horse skull, 23"h x 56" l x 18"w, 2008

Jacques KNIZDOVSKY - print maker

Jacques KNIZDOVSKY is a Ukranian print maker (1915- 1985) whom I discovered in a recent print making class lead by Barbara Mason. What I love about his images are their strong graphic qualities and attention to line. The image can either be like a punch in the face or a delicate caress. Jacques Hnizdovsky. Cactus. Woodcut, 1970. Edition: 98/150. Signed in pencil. Reference: Tahir 93. 16-1/4 x 15 inches. [28103c] Jacques Hnizdovsky. Bouquet. Woodcut, 1964. Edition: 138/150. Signed in pencil. Reference: Tahir 41. 15 x 18 inches. [28141c] Image sources: Davidson Galleries , Seattle, WA