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Handsy Flowers Drawing

This is my go-to shape: biomorphic, hand-like, flower-like, and always curve-like. If I could tell you why this shape comes from my brain/hand I would. It's a form I've drawn/doodled for many years. This must mean I am working something out. I wonder what it could be. Cynthia If you'd like to purchase this 10 x 8 inch (25 x 20 cm) piece ($200), here's the link:

Oval Viennese Doily

  When I visited in Vienna in 2004, I picked up this doily from a café. I was served a coffee and soda water on a silver oval tray, and underneath was this oval doily. I was absolutely in love. Maybe it was the oval, which is like an egg. Maybe it was the feminine lace-like quality, or maybe it was the the dedication to a superfluous drink tray enhancement. It didn't matter. This spoke to me, and I've kept it in my studio ever since. Cynthia See art that is inspired by eggs, ovals and doilies at: #cynthiamosser #doily #ovaldoily #decoration #vienna #cafe #inspiration #artistinspiration #vancouverwashington