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I have been enjoying creating doodles during the pandemic slowdown. Here is one example, which is all about LOVE. 💓💓💓 You can view and even purchase a print of the series at Sending love to you during this time. With love, Cynthia


Doodling for Inner Abundance Accessing the light   My view on this slowdown/virus my not be the most popular (because I am enjoying every single day of it.) My enjoyment doesn't come from a place of fear -- it comes from a place of abundance and riches...right where I am. I believe this is a time to look within, and see what is possible. This is a great time to find one's light. Right before the slowdown in mid-March, I realized I was running non-stop. I am happy to finally take a breather and rest. I have been doodling as a result. Above is one example! Would you like to participate in sharing your doodles or drawings? I have a Facebook Page where you can display your creations! It's called DOODLING FOR CREATIVITY.  CLICK HERE  to join!   What is New Let the Art Licensing Begin! YEAH! I have two new art licensing updates: You can now BUY my HOME GOODS on  SHOP VIDA . Not only do I have pillows, but also coasters, tea towels and glass trays.