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Doily Drawing in Blue & What I Stand For

A friend of mine recently asked me what I stood for. I already knew the answer: I stand for BEAUTY -- how the BEAUTY in my art may help others experience joy and healing. This piece is the sixth in a series titled OVERLAPPING DOILIES. I adore doilies and what they do. They provide a beautiful foundation for an object, whether it be animate or inanimate. I love their feminine, decorative qualities. So here's my question for you: What do you stand for? Love, Cynthia ❤️ See my illustrations on my website, and if you could, I would love to know your thoughts on how they could be used commercially:

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Whimsical Egg Illustration

You don't have to carry the weight of the world. Do what you can, and leave the rest. May you experience peace, joy and happiness today. Love, Cynthia

Every Canvas is a Journey All Its Own - Poodle Painting

I adore this quote by American artist, Helen Frankenthaler. It truly describes the visual experience of looking at abstract art, especially complex ones with lots of shapes and color (like mine). My goal is to give the viewer a rich, and whimsical path to fun and happiness. This gouache (matte watercolor) piece titled "Poodle" (11 x 9 in) can be seen on my website: Sending love, Cynthia ❤️