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How I Got into Art

How I Got into Art Doing art has always been something I've wanted to do, especially as a child. I was good at it in grade school and often won the carnival poster contests. Later on in high school, I was a photographer, but never thought I could make a living from it -- even in college I felt that way. The event that pushed me further into art was simply the knowledge that I didn't want to do anything else. I simply made a decision, and that was when I was 25. From that point on, I went to art school at Pratt Insitute. I started practicing art on a more regular level when I moved to Prague, CZ right after art school (1998).  You can see what I do at

This Makes Me Happy: Fair-Haired Dumbbell

This Makes Me Happy I live for moments like this: seeing a new building in Portland, OR with an exciting exterior. The building is called the Fair-Haired Dumbbell, and it is an office building with a mural by LA artist, James Jean. Every 10-15 years, the building owners are thinking about changing the mural. I love it for its playfulness and color.  bizjournal

Order Reproductions and Cards Directly from my Website

NEW WEBSITE I am thrilled to announce my partnership with Now buyers can purchase cards and reproductions directly from my website: Additionally, buyers can see how the piece would look on their wall based on size and the type of room. It's a great feature. Check it out:

ArtChat Northwest: MATT COSBY

ArtChat Northwest: MATT COSBY My second ArtChat Northwest interviewee is artist/painter, MATT COSBY ( Listen in, and hear his thoughts about trinkets, his love for oil paint, movement and color. (14:11min)  ArtChat Northwest is a podcast about artists living and working in the Pacific Northwest.