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Willow Tree Leaves Drawing

On my weekly neighborhood walk, there is one willow tree, and my head just so happened to run into it (on purpose, of course). The leaves are long, twisting and flowing, which inspired me to create this drawing. Enjoy your day. Cynthia ❤️ See more of my art at:

Biomorphic Swirls & Curls

What is better than taking your pen, making a bunch of swirls, then adding a biomorphic pattern? Cynthia Check out more designs at

Hungarian-inspired Design

I adore Hungarian embroidery, as it highly influences my work. Matyo style is my favorite because of its rustic nature, which is often seen on pillowcases. Have an excellent day. Cynthia ❤️ Learn more about my art at: #cynthiamosser #art #hungarianembroidery #blue #illustration  

Tall Dense Grass Drawing

Incorporating tall, swaying grass, of different varieties, to my front yard is a kinetic installation to which I aspire. They'll be grouped in large dense clumps, so you will see only the grass moving in the wind. Now it's time to investigate varieties! What are your feelings about grass? Love, Cynthia ❤️ See more illustrations at:

My Ode to Grass

As I walk around my suburban neighborhood, I notice many home owners have an obsession with the "perfect" grass: fertilized, weed-free, super green. On the opposite end of things, I see crab grass, somehow growing between the pavement and curb with no apparent water source. This is my ode to noticing grass, and grass-like shapes. Love, Cynthia ❤️ See more illustrations at:  

A Drawing Because of a Hike

  A couple of weeks ago I spent time in Newport, Oregon. Although I LOVE the beach, I also love hiking. In the middle of town there is this amazing 1-mile in and out hike with lush greenery and FERNS! Of course, I love ferns, and this is my ode to them. Love, Cynthia See more art at #cynthiamosser #art #ferns #newportoregon #forestpark #drawing