Slovacko Poof, 2022 | Gouache Painting

This image is a gouache painting representing a short trip I took around South Moravia (Slovácko) in the Czech Republic with my friend Ivana C. this past summer (2022). It was my dream to drive around and look at the various villages (Strážnice, Louka), and look at the way they paint folk art on actual houses! I love the shapes, the feminine and plant-like qualities, plus how the ornamentation is really in service to the harvest.
NOTE: This small region (Slovácko) is in the southwest part of the country and is part of Moravia. It shares a rich cultural heritage of ornament and folk art decoration. I was lucky enough to experience a few towns, and see an exhibition sponsored by the Moravian Glory Foundation. It's safe to say I was blown away by the beauty of their ornamentation. The colors of red, blue, yellow and green also are representative of common colors used in the region.
Slovácko Poof, 2022
Gouache on Bristol Board
11 x 9 in (28 x 23 cm).


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