Being Adventurous is Easy

When I was 18 in 1988, I climbed my fourth mountain, which was Symmetry Spire in the Grand Tetons. Doing outdoor activities like this was easy because I grew up with mountaineering parents and the Mazamas climbing club. We were always going outside: mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, camping, rafting.

I often cried (from fatigue) during each climb (you have to keep eating, and I learned the hard way). Still, once I reached the top, I could see myself. I could "see" my value, and it gave me confidence.

What I have discovered from being adventurous at such a young age, is that I now have no resistance to going outside and having a good time. It seems easy and very natural. I now "see" myself and my value through surfing.

I also now offer ADVENTURE PORTRAITS, which are commissioned black and white charcoal drawings of individuals having a life-affirming outdoor experience.

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I intend to make loving myself just as easy as being adventurous. Love, Cynthia ❤️

Photo by Ray Sheldon

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